About School

It is co-educational institution (Affiliated from C.B.S.E and affiliation code is 2132222) where deaf boys and girls grow up together in a healthy atmosphere of equality and mutual respect. The school aims at the integral and all-round development of young deaf boys and girls by giving them an education which is morally, socially, culturally, physically and mentally sound. Great stress is laid on national aspirations and accordingly students are helped to become mature, imbibed with values to become worthy citizens of India.

English is the medium of instruction, but equal importance is given to Hindi the languages of our nation and cultural heritage. And Indian Sign Language is also taught as it is the mother tongue of the deaf. Importance of speech is given to those children who are able to develop their speech.

The institution conducts classes from Nursery to Class X with the objective of preparing its students for the Certificate Examination of the CBSE, New Delhi.