Duty of Parents / Teacher Towards Children

1- Whoever loves his son/ daughter will beat him frequently so that in after years the son/daughter may be his comfort.

2- Whoever is strict with his son/ daughter will reap the benefit, and be able to boast of him to his acquaintances.

3- Whoever educates his son will be the envy of his enemy, and will be proud of him among his friends.

4- Even when the father dies, he might well not be dead, since he leaves his likeness behind him.

5- In life he has had the joy of his company, dying, he has no anxieties.

6- He leaves an avenger against his enemies and a rewarder of favours for his friends.

7- Whoever coddles his son/ daughter will bandage his wounds, his heart will turn over at every cry.

8- A badly broken-in horse turns out stubborn, a son/daughter left to himself/herself turns out headstrong.

9- Pamper your child and he/she will terrorise you, play along with him/her and he/she will bring you sorrow.

10- Do not laugh with him/her, or one day you will weep with him/her and end up gnashing your teeth.

11- While he/she is young, do not allow him/her his/her freedom and do not wink at his/her mistakes.

12- Bend his/her neck in youth, bruise his/her ribs while he/she is a child, or else he/she will grow stubborn and disobedient, and hurt you very deeply.

13- Be strict with your Son/Daughter, and persevere with him, or you will be sorry for his insolence(Rudness).

14- Better be poor if healthy and fit than rich if tormented in body.

15- Health and strength are better than any gold.