General Rules

1- Students are urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by their manners and general behavior. Hence for the smooth running of the school, no student should bring to school any object (mobile) liable to prove a source of disturbance.

2- As far as posture. Cleanliness, Silence, politeness, honesy, attention to work and respect towards teachers and companions are concerned the school should be looked upon as a place of reverence and discipline.

3- Absolute silence must be maintained at all places during the teaching hours, whether it is the library, the laboratories, computer room, the general assembly or on way to and from the class rooms.

4- Respect for one’s property as well as for that of the school and for the things belonging to others is a mark of a well-bred and responsible student. Furniture, teaching aids and charts should be kept in their respective places after use. Any kind of damage done in the school premises must be made good.

5- Books, news papers, periodicals, pictures, games articles, transistors, mobile phones, CDs or any electrical instruments not pertaining (o their daily use should not be brought to school without the class teacher/Principal’s permission. If detected or found to have bad influence on the fellow students, these will be confiscated and students found guilty may be punished.

6- The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money, stationery etc. Each student is responsible for his/her things bringing of valuables to the school are forbidden. Lf such articles are brought for genuine reasons, they must be handed over to the head Mistress or teachers and the same may be collected from him/her after the school.

7- The Principal may punish a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct, injurious to the moral tone of the school, by detention after class hours or by other minor punishments. He may even dismiss a student or ask him/her to discontinue if he is guilty of serious matters.

8- No fines or collection for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the previous sanction of the principal. So also presentation of gifts to members of the staff requires previous sanction.

9- In the absence of the teachers, the class monitor/monitress assumes responsibility for order and discipline of the class. He / She should fulfill his/her duty with loyalty and impartiality.

10- Students who are given responsibility should carry it out dutifully and impartially and in accordance with the direction of the Principal or the teacher deputed by him. They should consider it as a service to the school and to their fellow students.

11- Students can always approach the Principal individually for any reasonable or sympathetic consideration but not collectively.

12- At the first bell all must file in the respective class rows immediately for move silently to their class rooms.

13- The General Assembly is the most important part of the school day. Every student should be present for it to begin the day with prayer to God, and listen to the important announcements.

14- They should be friendly, courteous and cooperative towards other students of the school, treating everyone with respect and conducting themselves in a dignified manner.

15- All must come to school in time, neatly dressed with lessons well prepared and home work done. Text and exercise books and material for drawing, done. Text and exercise books and material for drawing, S.U.W. art, craft, should be brought to school according to the day’s routine.

16- Students should keep their classroom and the school compound spotlessly clean using the bins provided for waste paper and rubbish.

17- Students are not allowed to visit the staff-room without prior permission of either the principal or the teachers.

18- Any Students who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly and willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractices in connection with examinations or has committed an offence of serious indiscipline/misbehavior or who in the opinion of Principal has an unwholesome influence on his fellow students may be removed for a specified period or expelled permanently from the school.

19- A student may also be removed permanently from the school for assaulting a teacher, seriously attacking a fellow student, persistent rude behavior towards teachers and in the opinion of the Principal has a demoralizing influence on fellow Students.

20- Students repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books or coming without the proper uniform may by punished or send home.