Principal Message

Education is foundation for all future possibilities in the life of a student. The school provides this atmosphere of education taking the role of a sculpture and focuses on academic achievements and moral strength to manage one’s life. Education does not happen all of a sudden, does not happen in a vacuum but it is gradual process of information, formation, transformation. Therefore an educational institution provides an environment which upholds uncompromising value system, excellence in everything, forms a sound mind and conscience which can distinguish the right from wrong and make a right choice and creates a compassionate heart to reach out to the less privileged of our country.

St.Francis school for the Hearing Impaired has been trying to provide all facilities to the Hearing Impaired children to get a sense of their own abilities and talents. As parts of all round development students are given ample opportunity to integrate them with the society. Exposure trip to other schools and taking part in the different programs with other students are a great help to motivate them to study.

May this school continue to be a fine example not only of academic excellence but also genuine personality development, educating not only the mind but also the heart, imparting not only quality but also values of Christ, teaching not merely to be successful but also to be humane and compassionate, learning not simply to be efficient but effective .

Sr. Shiny Augustine